Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Mom & D Come to Visit!!!

Mom and D just left.... big sad face.  Just had the most wonderful week ever with them in Lugano and Venice!  I LOVE YOU MOM!  I LOVE YOU AUNT D!  Can't wait to reunite again in 4 days.

Feeling expressive and going to write a little more...

I am so excited to be reunited with my home country.... AMERICA.  You don't know how many times over the past 4 months I've told people I'm from DC and have them say OOH AMERICA!  Now I'm the one "ooh-ing."  I land in Dulles at 3:08 pm and I am ecstatic!  Hopefully the whole fam will be there to pick me up (I want to see them all at once and cannot wait).  It has been too longg!  I can never leave them again for that long... ever.  My body is going to feel like it is 10 o'clock at night when I pull into the driveway of 2803 Winter Oaks Way, and I am probably going to feel like passing out after traveling for 15 hours, but I'm going to need to grab a Starbucks and stay up.  I can't decide where I'm most excited to go first.  I will definitely explore my house for a while and play the "what is different since the last time I was here" game (always fun on Thanksgiving and winter breaks).  Then I will probably enjoy a nice delicious home cooked meal.  In my warm cozy house.

I am so happy that I arrive on a Friday and will have the whole weekend to hang with the fam!  Tuesday I'm planning on heading down to tech to visit my favorite friends in the world.  I'm stopping by JMU on the way down to grab lunch at e-hall with Nats...yay!!

Red, white, and blue baby.  Ohhhh say can you see.