Thursday, February 3, 2011

Just Another Day in Paradise

Currently working on our first group final project for Consumer Behavior, due tomorrow.  This first class flewww by.  We also had our first exam for Italian this morning.  It consisted of a 1 page fill in the blank questionnaire and then we each had a conversation in Italian with our Professor, Magda.  My kind of exam!

Walked back from class today with Ashley and stopped by Migros and Manor to get some goodies for the weekend and ate the most delicious lunch.  We stopped at our usual balcony to look over and see the sparkling Lake Lugano, huge mountains, palm trees, little houses, and the whole charming city.  Whenever we pass it Ashley says "wait, can we just stop for a minute to take this all in?" and then usually follows it with "I still don't feel like we're in Europe."  A month later, still hard to believe we are actually here.

Yesterday I took a different route home than normal and ran up the BIG stairs that start down by the lake.  I counted them, naturally (265).

It's 50 and sunny right now.  Enjoying this beautiful weather, going to finish this group proj, then packing for our first 10 day break!

See you soon leprechauns, Kate Middleton, and Eiffel Tower!

Thanks Ash :)

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