Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Happy Hump Day

Well the first half of the week of classes is done and done!  We started Consumer Behavior on Monday and will continue with it for two weeks.

Yesterday we had class in the morning from 9-12.  We had stayed up pretty late the night before so I was exhausted after class and took a two hour nap.  We had a mini Italian lesson at 4, where Julien taught us some simple phrases to help us get around for the next couple of days.  Afterwards we went to the Irish Pub about a 20 minute walk away for a little "apperitivo".  I had the best beer ever, it was called Leffe and tasted like pumpkin pie.

The weather here is beautiful now!  Today during class we told Brinberg we were going out tonight to celebrate Caroline's birthday, and since the sun finally has come out, he decided to replace tomorrows class with a hike up San Salvatore in Lugano!

After class today, Jillian, Katie, and I decided to go for a run.  Little did I know, the path they chose to run on was straight up a hill.  When I could no longer breathe, they kept running, and I started walking, until I stumbled upon a playground full of babies and kids.  When I saw it I ran to this rope netted ladder and climbed to the top then jumped down.  By this point Jillian and Katie were ahead laughing and then got lost in the distance.  I roamed around a little neighborhood for a while and then went down to the main street and started walking home.  I used the lake and mountains as a guide to get me back, until I bumped into Ashley and a few other girls on a walk.  Ashley and I split off from the group and walked down a flight of about 100 stairs, and when we got to the bottom a little Louis Vuitton was waiting for us.  There was also Lake Lugano, and I went down to take a closer look and fell in.  My running shoes were soaking wet with algae all over them.

Looking forward to celebrating the first Lugano birthday tonight, Caroline Giaimo's 21st!  I'm hopping in the shower now, then dinner and drinking a bottle of wine down by the lake.

PS I tried Swiss chocolate and gelato...yum.

Ashley ate half a container of Nutella.

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