Thursday, January 13, 2011

Monte San Salvatore


Wow what a day.  The "hike" we went on was more of a treck up Mount Everest.  It was literally the most exhausting but exhilarating journey I've ever been on.  I couldn't feel my feet, I couldn't breath.  I was freezing and hot both at the same time.  We hiked for 7 hours... SEVEN!  When we finally got to the top it was overlooking all of Lugano and part of Italy and was beautiful!  Completely worth it.

Last night was a blast.  Our entire group walked down to the lake together after dinner to drink and play and Ashley and I split a bottle of wine.  We discovered that the clubs didn't open until midnight, so we had some time to kill, and Ashley and I spotted a Wine Bar across the way.  We snuck off together and walked inside and it was a much fancier restaurant than we thought!  They brought out appetizers and a basket of olive and tomato bread for us with our vodka tonics.  We ate anchovies.

The whole group went to a bar called New Orleans after and we salsa danced in the basement, then made our way to a discoteca, Tito's Place.  Ashley ran downstairs and jumped behind the DJ booth and started DJing with a big afro man.  The walls were made out of a couch.  There were glass cutouts in the ceiling where you could look up and see the people dancing upstairs.  There was a bathtub on the dance floor.  Mixed drinks were $19 francs.  It was so fun.  We pushed the birthday girl home in a shopping cart.


I miss all my deltas.  Can't believe I won't be there for recruitment!  Have so much fun!

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